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You've Got Mail...And It's Real Paper

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

In this hyper-technocentric world, we live in there is nothing better than receiving a handwritten note in the mail, you know the kind the Post Office delivers. It’s a unique event that everyone appreciates. We all too often get caught up in using Text Messaging, Email, or Facebook, just to name a few, as our primary methods of communication. Perhaps it is time to take a step back and reintroduce personal into personal contact.

Regardless of the occasion, you have many options to choose from when it comes to finding a card or stationery. You can find a card that has a relevant written message that conveys your feelings. Then you can add your own flair by underlining a few words you would like to emphasize, just add your closing line, sign your name, not too hard. Then there are the cards that are blank, which is my preference when I am making cards. How many times has this happened to you, a card catches your eye it looks perfect, then you open it, and there are words that you most likely never utter. Then there are the cards that make you chuckle, but it is that awkward uhm nope not signing my name to that card way. Can I just say how disappointed that I am in Hallmark for joining in the potty humor greeting card trend? It is like they hired some sixth-grade boys in the creative thinking department. I just find it a big turn off, don’t get me wrong there are some funny ones, however, for the most part, the humor is in the illusion, veiled wording that lets your imagination finish the joke.

That is why I am all about blank cards, push comes to shove you will always be able to find a quote or poem you like that you could add to the inside of the card. Granted there isn’t spell or grammar check so you will need to have your thoughts in place before you set your pen to paper.

Speaking of paper, yes indeed I really like paper, especially paper that has texture and weight to it. Those are some of my qualifiers for magazine decision buying, also how many ads there are. I prefer a matte paper to glossy throw a little subtle texture in there, SOLD! Most of the cards that I create I try to layer with a variety of texture and color, lately, there have been a lot of pop-up cards being put together in The Shop. You are never too old for a pop-up card, they are fun and give the card a sense of motion.

So let’s get out there and send some mail, you can buy stamps almost anywhere these days obviously the Post Office, many Groceries or even Costco have postage stamps. Make it your goal to send at least one card or note a month, once you get in the groove your adoring friends and family will giving you tons of kudos you will be hooked. I know it’s a radical idea, next thing you know you will be opening an actual book that has bindings. Whoa, was that too soon, ok one step at a time, we’ll ease you back into bookmarks gently.

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