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Spice Rub - The Savory Bath Bomb

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

With Labor Day advancing on us quickly, many people will think this will be their last grilling opportunity. In reality, that is far from the truth; grilling is a state of mind, can be accomplished in all Four Seasons and most weather situations.

While my current living situation does not allow me to get my grilling or smoking fix, I implore those who can to do so early and often. My low and slow cooking these days is either in a 275 oven, crock-pot, or instant pot, which are good but not ideal. An excellent spice rub can make up for many things, but that smokey flavor from great wood charcoal is irreplaceable. I prefer to mix my own, control the freshness of ingredients, heat, and no weird silica or mono-filled words.

Below is my favorite spice rub recipe; even in a crock-pot, it exudes a fabulous BBQ flavor. You can make it extra spicy or dial it down by adjusting the amount of cayenne, chipotle, and chili powder. I have used this on meat, poultry, and salmon with stellar results. both the dry and mustard form. Any type of paprika is okay with this, hot, sweet, or smoked. The amount from a batch works great for a 3-6 pound pork shoulder or picnic.

It is effortless to start on the flavor the night before or a few hours before if that is all the time you have. Spread out some plastic wrap, large enough to completely wrap the meat. Generously rub a good portion of the rub onto the meat, be sure to work it into all the nooks and crannies. Then wrap it tightly, place in the refrigerator. Allow at least an hour for the meat to come up in temperature before cooking by removing it from the fridge, keeping it wrapped until cooking begins. When the magical cooking begins, you can sprinkle on the last of the rub, or save it to add to your mop sauce or BBQ sauce.

Spice Rub

1/2 cup brown sugar

3 Tbl paprika

4 Tbl cumin

3 Tbl chili powder

1 Tbl cayenne pepper

1 Tbl chipolte - dry ground

1 Tbl dry mustard

1 tsp red chili flakes

2 Tbl salt

1 Tbl black pepper

In a medium-sized bowl, mix all ingredients, store in a sealed glass jar until ready to use. Adjust the spice level by adding or lessening the heat spices, cayenne, chipotle, and chili powder.

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