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Random Acts of Snail Mail

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, momentarily overshadowed by the Super Bowl, there will be a full-on press for all things, heart, chocolate, and flower related. There is something else that I feel needs to be brought to the fore-front, snail mail. Yes, I know what you are thinking, there is some ulterior motive because I make greeting cards. To some extent, that is true; however, there is more beyond the sales aspect. What are your first memories of Valentine's Day?

For most, it takes us back to grade school, the decorated paper lunch bag, hanging on the desk waiting to be filled with as much anticipation as the stockings hung at Christmas. As a child, what filled those bags became the quintessential definition of Valentine's Day; little notecards tucked inside a paper bag.

Admittedly even I don't send as much postal mail as I should or would like too, it is something I am working on improving. I made hundreds of Christmas cards for others, yet I didn't take the time for but a few to send out to my friends and family. Eesh, I feel awful, just typing that. Together we can help re-establish actual paper mail practices!

So where I am going with this is, remember that happy feeling when you had a paper bag with tiny little notes in it? You can help replicate that feeling and make someone's day with minimal effort. Not just for Valentine's Day or any other Holiday, randoms acts of snail mail kindness are always appreciated any day of the year. All you need to is send a card or write a letter, pop it in the post; there is nothing more heartfelt than a handwritten note.

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