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Quick Healthy Halloween Party Snack

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Eye of Newt Dip & Witches Fingers

I know this is such a last-minute post, but a lot of us are just last minute planning for the Halloween Party snack you signed up for at the office, school or an actual party. I have you covered, truth be told my original idea turned into an epic fail, so I am plan B-ing this! Yup, the night before the party, trust me you can do this, it is easy.

I promise this is a quick, healthy, and relatively inexpensive, impressive party snack. I hope you can find Moondrop Grapes in your produce section. They are amazing tear drop shaped grapes, not overly sweet, perfect for dipping, that just happen to look like Witches fingers, in my view anyway.

Moondrop Grapes

Eye of Newt Dip with Witches Fingers

Moondrop Grapes

1 Cup Vanilla Yogurt

1 (8 oz) Low-fat Cream Cheese, softened

¼ Cup 10x Sugar (optional)

Candy Googly Eyes

Wash, dry, and gently remove grapes from vine, set aside. Mix yogurt, cream cheese and sugar until smooth, place in serving dish, keep refrigerated. Just before serving top the dip with the candy googly eyes, you can add a few or actually cover the entire top. Do not add them hours ahead of time, they are sugar and will melt from the liquid in the dip. Which is why the below picture is not the finished product. When it is time eat, simply arrange grapes around dip bowl and serve. I hope you enjoy this quick and easy Halloween snack.

Now go out there and rock that snack table like you mean it!

Happy Halloween!!!

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