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Playing Favorites

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

In life, we always have favorites. Hopefully, the ones that we admit to openly are inanimate objects, like spoons, stove burners, skillet, brand, or something along those lines. Those are the favorites that we will be addressing here. We are not getting into weird interpersonal relationships, too complicated, and not the right time or place.

Admittedly, and you know, we all have one, a favorite stovetop burner. Although I have four burners on my stove, two large, two small, the burner that I always use is the large back left burner. This makes no sense considering my stove resides against a wall to the left, with limited stirring and pot handle space. Yet, I continue to repeatedly use that burner the majority of the time. Poor kitchen design is one of my pet peeves, just below are some of my top ones.

  • Refrigerators against walls - you are never getting that door to swing all the way open.

  • Stoves against walls - see above

  • Cooktop or complete ovens in a kitchen island - kitchen islands should be workspace or the occasional dining space, pull up a stool.

  • Sinks in kitchen islands - the only caveat to this is a small sink not centered and not directly across from the stove.

All things considered, let's hope there isn't an epic fail on my part with my kitchen design opportunity appears. My dream kitchen is enormous, full of natural light, with a massive gas stove not in the vast marble laden kitchen island, and is attached to an equally huge pantry. I have plotted this out so many times, down to the upcycled screen door turned pocket door used to close the pantry off.

There is nothing wrong with throwing some thoughts around for the Universe to help you along with. Just like there is nothing wrong with having favorites in your kitchen. Some of them arrive shiny new, while others are collected or handed down along the way. You never know when a new favorite is going to come around.

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