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Happy Pi/Pie Day!!!

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

I like pie, no that is incorrect, I LOVE PIE with all my heart. You only have to look at The Shop logo to see how true that is. There are an infinite number of potential flavor profiles, sweet, savory, sour, meaty, tangy or tart, with a lid or laid bare for all to see.

Better than icing, the crust options are plentiful, anything from cookies, crumbs, buns, you just have to use your imagination. Sometimes you can even make a pie without a crust, yes, it’s true that is how great pie can be. From such humble ingredients as Crisco, flour, and water a wonderful flaky platform is created. Decorate the crust, keep it simple, use your fingers or a fork, it can be your own work of art.

How could you ever be bored with pie, it would take years before you could try every conceivable combination. Forget the age-old struck by lightning before you win the lottery theory, it is more likely you will try every possible pie combination before you win the lottery. Which means I am well on my way to lottery riches!

Happy Pi/Pie Day to all! Whether you make your own or let someone else do the heavy lifting, by supporting your local bakery, be sure to have yourself some Pie today. Celebrate the simple things that make life great.

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