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Bean Counting For Pies

I love pie, my favorite dessert of all time. It is even woven into my company logo. Some pastries, but not all of them, can be a little high maintenance, meaning they need to be par-baked before the filling and actual baking. It actually isn't as dramatic as all that sounds, but it does require some forethought. Such as, do I have pie weights?

Pie weights are usually ceramic balls sold in a container whose size most time requires buying two. At one point along the way, I acquired some of the ceramic variety. For me, the weight of them was never sufficient. Also, those little things are super hot when they come out of the oven.

I made the switch to using dried beans and never looked back. They are considerably cheaper than ceramic weights and stored correctly, you can use them for years. Besides, they are aesthetically more pleasing than the greyish white, often grease-stained ceramic version.

Go buy yourself a variety of dried beans, mix them together, and store them in a glass jar with a great seal. My mix was probably four bags because of the jar's size, and sometimes I am multi-pie baking and need a lot. My go-to storage jars are, Fido, the jar pictured is #2.

The dried beans are a small investment you will not regret, way prettier than those weird jars of peppers and vegetables people used to buy for decor. At least the beans are functional. Get out there and bake!

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