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Hello, and welcome. Thank you for visiting! I am Mary Beth, aka mb, the owner and creator of Mermaid Bakeshop. No coincidence, the shop initials also match my nickname. The name Mermaid Bakeshop tends to conjure up images, mostly baking and food, no doubt. While that is true, all cooking and baking adventures are here. You will also find much more than just baking.


Besides being creative in the kitchen, I also enjoy designing and creating in my craft studio. Dabbling in just about everything. One look at all supplies on my shelves, you would agree. A lot of my material stash isn't fresh from a store, they'll have a second chance at being new again. With that in mind, all of the offerings are unique and original. Once they are gone, they may not reappear in stock again. Stay tuned for the next shop restock!


Check for new posts in Mermaid Tales, and follow me on social media: @mermaidbakeshop. I would love to hear from you! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Mary Beth